DVD Weathering in 1 Hour

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DVD von AK-interactive zur Alterung von Militärmodellen
- Laufzeit: 70 Minuten
- Sprache: englisch

Finally a DVD that is different from the rest. Most modelers, especially when starting out in the world of paint effects, have wondered what the complete process of painting a model consists of. From start to finish. Until now our DVDs have only shown parts of the action, seconds or minutes of a small fraction of the process. In our new DVD we show you the complete process of weathering a Sd.kfz 222 from Hobby Boss, recorded in just one take with one camera and without any cuts or editing. In this way, you the spectator can see the complete process and appreciate it in real time. This DVD demonstrates that the job of weathering a model doesn?t have to be slow and complicated. Included with the DVD are numerous color profiles for other variants on the Sd.kfz 222. Narration in English. Texts in Spanish and English. 70 minutes. PAL format.

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